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GROHE Ceramic Klósett sett 6 (39427000, 39493000, 39058000, 38858SH0)

129.990 kr.
Type ordinary
Type suspended
Shape oval
Material ceramics
Outflow horizontal
Colour white
Length 531 mm
Width 368 mm
Board no
With a collar no
Flush volume 6/3 l
Dimensions 362 mm x 459 mm
With cover Yes
Slowly closing Yes
Fast, tool-free assembly Yes
Removable Yes
Material Duroplast
Fixing kit included
Catalog number for technical data 39,058,000
Destination frames, angle  fastening elements on the wall or in front of the studded wall
Mounting type frames angle bracket wall
Mounting frames angle single or rail
Depth adjustment - Wall angle stepless 130 - 230 mm
Material fixing the frames, angle Yes
Number of pieces frames angle bracket 2
Cistern capacity SL racks - standard 6 - 9 l
The method of mounting the actuating button in front of
Factory setting of the cistern, ordinary SL racks 6l and 3l
Flush drain valve, ordinary SL racks pneumatic
Functions of the drain valve of the ordinary SL racks 2 - capacitive, Start / Stop, without interruption
The cistern loudness class is standard SL AND
Din control cistern SL racks Yes
Anti-dew insulation of the flush with SL racks Yes
Place of connection of the water cistern with standard SL racks left / right, from the rear
Purpose SL racks installation of a wall-mounted toilet
Inspection opening - SL frames little
Running racks SL handmade
Mounting type SL racks wall or in a studded wall
Installation of SL racks single or rail
Mounting method SL racks plain
Frame - racks SL steel frame, powder-coated, self-supporting
Type of construction SL racks dry
Pre-assembly SL racks complete
Connections to the facility - SL racks established
Height adjustment of SL racks Yes
Height lock SL racks Yes
Material for fastening SL racks Yes
TUV control SL racks Yes
Fixing ceramics SL racks fixing pins
The spacing of screws for fixing ceramics SL racks 180/230 mm
SL rack drain elbow polyethylene
Elbow diameter SL racks 90 mm
Reduction piece SL racks Yes
Diameter of the reducer, SL racks 90/110 mm
Drainage set SL racks Yes
SL racks inlet set Yes
Water connection SL racks Yes
Water connection diameter SL racks ½ "
Type of water connection racks SL with built-in angle valve and connection
Installation box - SL racks with gasket
Width of the racks SL 500 mm
Building height SL racks 1.13 m
Installation depth - SL racks adjustable
Additional equipment - SL racks Accessories for wall mounting
Cistern SL racks ordinary
Accessories for wall mounting Yes
The contents of the set are soundproofing racks silencing mat, 2 rubber sleeves
Flush button
Catalog number for technical data 38858SH0
Purpose - Flush buttons Toilets
Flush button functions - Flush buttons 2 - capacitive, Start / Stop
Mounting method - Flush plates horizontal
Dimensions - Flush plates 156 x 197 mm
Material - Flush buttons ABS plastic
Dirt-resistant plate - Flush buttons Yes
Frame with an assembly kit - flush buttons Yes
Concealed fixings - Flush plates Yes
Running - Flush buttons handmade
For connection to - Flush plates pneumatic flush valve AV 1

GROHE Rapid Innbyggt klósett – sett 5-1 (38827000, 42503000, 45105000)

139.990 kr.
Mark Oltens
Series Gulfoss
Length 50 cm
Width 36 cm
Height 36 cm
Included Toilet bowl + frame + board
Button color gloss chrome
Without a collar Yes
Assembly hanging
Colour white
Protective coating Yes
The name of the shell SmartClean

ROCA Gap Innbyggt klósett 5-1 sett (38827000, A34647L00M, A80148200U)

119.990 kr.
Mark Roca
Series Gap
Length 54 cm
Width 34.7 cm
Height 34.5 cm
Included Toilet bowl + frame + board
Without a collar Yes
Assembly hanging
Colour white
Protective coating Yes
The name of the shell Maxi Clean