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Iðnaðarryksuga HECHT 8215

14.900 kr.
HECHT 8215 is a powerful vacuum cleaner for wet and dry vacuuming with a power of 1250W , designed for use in workshops and at home. Dust, dirt and water are sucked into a stainless steel container with a capacity of 15 liters , equipped with a large outlet valve. A pre-filter, a paper hepa filter for dry vacuuming, and a foam filter for wet vacuuming are added to the vacuum cleaner Vacuuming can be done with a paper bag, and after attaching the second filter, it is also possible to vacuum without using a bag. For bagless dry vacuuming, a hepa filter is used to which the pre-filter is applied. The pre-filter catches larger impurities, while the hepa filter is designed to capture fine dust particles. For wet vacuuming, use a sponge filter that catches dirt from the water. When the container is full, the float automatically closes the suction opening, which prevents water from entering the turbine. Thanks to this, the user does not have to observe the level of the tank. Dirty water can easily be removed through a drain hole, for example into the channel. The vacuum cleaner is not suitable for sucking fine dust after sanding plasterboard, plaster and plaster after drilling in walls.

Iðnaðarryksuga HECHT 8335Z

19.900 kr.
Electric vacuum cleaner for wet and dry surfaces voltage 230 V / 50 Hz power 1400 W tank capacity 35 l suction power 18 kPa Can be used as a blower AIR FLOW CONTROL METAL TELESCOPIC TUBE Socket 230 V / 50 Hz, Max. 2000 W -> the socket starts after about 3 seconds from turning on the device (e.g. drill)

Iðnaðarryksuga HECHT 8380

94.900 kr.
Electric engine 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 3000 watts
Capacity 80 l
Weight 29 kg
For wet and dry surfaces YES

Iðnaðarryksuga HECHT 8574 PROFI

239.900 kr.
HECHT 8574 is a professional vacuum cleaner with a 4-stroke Hecht engine with a capacity of 196 cm 3 for leaves with an integrated shredder. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an auxiliary nozzle with a handle, thanks to which you can easily get rid of leaves, even from hard-to-reach places, e.g. from corners, under bushes, etc. The vacuum cleaner has a drive - 2 forward / 2 reverse gears. The part of the vacuum cleaner is an efficient shredder with a knife head , capable of shredding branches up to 5 cm in diameter. The device is therefore able to process leaves, branches, and other waste in your garden. The shredded material is transported to a durable bag made of fabric, which can be easily emptied through a large opening with a zipper.