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5121S Bílafluttningakerra 2700KG

949.990 kr.
CAPLATFORM 5121 S - an excellent tow truck / platform with ramps hidden on the transport surface. Welded construction, transport surface - high-quality non-slip plywood. Very good driving characteristics of the trailer are ensured by the low center of gravity which was achieved thanks to the use of low-profile 195/55 R10 C or R13C wheels. POSSIBLE DMC: 1600 - 2700 kg (or up to 3500 kg on request at a different price). PLATFORM WEIGHT: 668 KG CHASSIS: chassis: 2 braked axles 1350 (at extra charge, axles 1500 kg or 1800 kg) wheels 195/55 R10C (on request 195/50 R13C) independent suspension, spring-loaded on a torsion shaft, overrun brake support wheel, winch BODYWORK: load-bearing frame: high-strength structural steel, welded structure transport surface: floor made of high-quality anti-slip plywood 15mm loading gangs (ramps): perforated, anti-slip, steel sheet, with LOHR oval openings - dimensions 2.4 × 0.3 m surface dimensions transport: 5 × 2m ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: * spare wheel * wheel bracket * sides ALU * AKS

Brenderup Jet ski kerra 8815

319.990 kr.
Brenderup JETSKI 8815 trailer for transporting a scooter with skids that balance and protect the hull. Equipped with an adjustable winch. Curb weight: 120 kg Wheels: 145 / 80R13 SPECIFICATION Outline dimensions 479x158 Gross weight (kg) 750 Load capacity (kg) 630 Boat length (m) 15 / 3.8m Steel wheel size 13 " Axes 1 Item number 306445 Additional paid accessories: ALU rims

Faro Solidus Kerra 263X125X35

319.990 kr.
SOLIDUS  is a modern line of car trailers, made of the best materials available on the Polish market. The permissible total weight is up to 750 kg. The trailer is made of DX51D + Z275 sheet with a zinc coating thickness of 275g / m2 (class A). This material is characterized by very good resistance to corrosion and oxidation, it combines good appearance with the strength of steel. The structure of the trailer is bolted, which makes it much easier to replace elements damaged during operation. Class 8.8 bolts are used. The special axle system with hexagonal AL-KO profiles also allows for softer shock absorption, improves comfort and driving safety. The trailer was made on components from well-known companies (AL-KO, Steelpress, etc.) Standard equipment • bent drawbar made of galvanized sheet DX51D + Z275, screwed • 750 kg ball hitch - homologated • trailer frame made of galvanized steel, 2.5 mm thick • H-350 mm trailer sides, 1.25 mm thick galvanized sheet • opening front / rear sides • covers (handle of the frame cable) • polyethylene fenders • floor made of non-slip, waterproof plywood, 9 mm thick, Polish production • wheels 155/70 R13 • support wheel • unbraked steering axle AL-KO UBR 700 • 12V electric installation (in accordance with road traffic regulations) • 7-pin plug Optional equipment • H-1100 or H-800 mm frame with cover • flat cover • H-450 mm sides • load strapping handles • spare wheel • axle with compact bearings (with increased durability • mesh sides

Neptun N7-202

179.990 kr.

Létt og góð kerra framleidd í Evrópu.

Þyngd kerru: 120kg

Burðargeta: 750kg

Leyfileg farmþyngd: 640kg


Hæð: 30cm

Breidd: 114cm

Lengd: 202cm

Hjólbarðar: 155/70 R13.

Neptun N7-202 – Með tjaldi

199.900 kr.
Létt og góð heimiliskerra með tjaldi. Eiginþyngd kerru: 142kg Burðargeta: 750kg Breidd: 114cm Lengd: 202cm  

Sliskjur – Hecht 005005

49.900 kr.
Léttar en sterkar sliskjur sem leggjast saman til að auðvelda flutning. Burðarþol per sliskju er 340kg - Burðarþol milli beggja er því 680kg. Lengd: 225cm Breidd: 28cm

Tema Jet Báta Kerra (max lengd 4.5 M)

299.990 kr.
UNDERCARRIAGE Driving system: single axle AL-KO or KNOTT WATERPROOF Tires: 155 R13 Suspension: independent, spring-loaded on a torsion shaft T-type drawbar adjustable axle position BODYWORK Load- bearing frame made of steel closed profiles, welded Fully hot-dip galvanized Quick and easy disassembly and assembly of the rear beam Possibility to quickly adjust the length of the trailer by extending the rear beam Longitudinal supports Adjustable height of the bow support STANDARD winch rope supporting wheel supports longitudinal Two keel roller with adjustable height Stem Four belt anchorages ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Spare wheel Spare wheel holder Slip rollers set.

Temared Moto 3 Mótorhjóla kerra fyrir 3 hjól

219.990 kr.
  • running gear: single axle UBR 700  AL-KO  or  KNOTT
  • tires: 155/70 R13
  • rims: 4.50Bx13,100 × 4  Mefro
  • suspension: independent, suspension on a torsion shaft
  • V-type or straight drawbar 750 kg being an integral part of the frame
  • load-bearing frame made of bent steel sheet profiles with a thickness of 2.5 mm galvanized, bolted or welded
  • transport surface: 3 wheel guides ended with brackets, 2 m long, galvanized
  • overrun guide made of galvanized steel sheet, 1.2 m long
  • floor
Dimensions 220x150 cm

Tipper Kerra 2515/2 255X153CM

569.990 kr.
NAME - Tipper 2515/2 Dimensions of the cargo space - 254 x 153 x 30cm MANUFACTURER - TEMARED GVW 500- 750 kg adjustable LOAD CAPACITY - 434 kg UNLADEN WEIGHT - 316 kg WARRANTY - 12/24 months Trailers of this type have wheels under the transport surface, all sides are dismantled and opened, which allows for easy loading of the cargo, e.g. with a forklift. The posts can also be disassembled and made a platform. The trailer is equipped with a manual pump for tilting the platform. A light trailer, no maintenance required, a B driving license is enough. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: - Two steering axles by AL-KO or KNOTT - Wheels: 155/70 R13 - Suspension: independent, suspension on a torsion shaft - Hand pump for tipping the trailer (production Italian) - V-nozzles - Floor: 9 mm thick waterproof, non-slip plywood, - Handles in the floor to secure the load - Support wheel - The supporting frame is made of bent profiles made of steel sheet with a thickness of 2.5 mm galvanized with screws - Sides: galvanized steel sheet, all openable and removable, corner posts also ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: - Spare wheel - Aluminum side walls - 60cm mesh side walls  - Spare wheel support - Flat tarpaulin

Tractus Kerra 236X125X35

249.990 kr.


  • trailer frame made of galvanized steel, 2.5 mm thick, class A,
  • V-type drawbar, screwed, bent from sheet metal 2.5 mm thick, class A,
  • trailer sides made of galvanized sheet, 1.25 mm thick, class A,
  • opening front / rear sides,
  • removable side boards,
  • coupling head 750 kg or 1300 kg by STEELPRESS, KNOTT OR AL-KO,
  • floor made of non-slip, waterproof plywood, 9 mm thick,
  • unbraked axle 750 kg by STEELPRESS, KNOTT or AL-KO,
  • polyethylene fenders,
  • support wheel with a handle,
  • wheels 155/70 R13,
  • load strapping handles,
  • side rollers for tarpaulin,
  • 12V electric installation (in accordance with road traffic regulations),
  • 7-pin plug.


  • frame with tarpaulin H-1100 mm, H800 mm,
  • flat tarpaulin,
  • spare wheel bracket,
  • spare wheel,
  • STEELPRESS unbraked axle 1000 kg with compact bearings (recommended for rental companies),
  • side extensions,
  • mesh extensions.