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Verkfæraskápur Farys FR4064 rauður Ath!(Verkfæri fylgja ekki)

99.990 kr.
Technical data of the cabinet: Polypropylene table top Ergonomic handle integrated into the table top. Central lock with two keys that closes all drawers. 7 drawers fully extendable with ball bearings. 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels with a diameter of 125 mm, one wheel with a brake. Impact protection on all 4 corners of the stroller. Trolley weight - 50 kg  
The cabinet comes with accessories that can be attached to it, they additionally increase the usability of the cabinet. At the top there is a perforated tool board with a set of hooks (21 pcs. In 3 different lengths: 5.5 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm). They allow you to hang various tools to which you want to have quick access. It is very practical when we use some keys very often, and we do not want to search drawers for them.
There are two pockets on the side. One for documents and the other for aerosols. On the other side, there is a place for a roll of paper, which allows us to quickly wipe our hands after the work is done. In addition, there is an additional small shelf above the paper, which also allows you to leave, for example, disinfectants on it. In the drawer, however, there is a binder (without accessories), which allows you to sort all small things such as washers, screws, fuses or electrical connectors.  
Technical data: Dimensions of the trolley with accessories: Height - 1580 mm Width - 890 mm Depth - 460 mm Trolley dimensions: Height - 925 mm Width - 705 mm Depth - 460 mm Drawer dimensions: Width -  530 mm Depth - 395 mm Height -  5 drawers -  54 mm 1 drawer - 120 mm 1 drawer - 195 mm

Verkfæraskápur Farys með viðarborði FR4095

86.990 kr.
Characteristic: Steel structure Wooden table top Led lighting · 3 drawers sliding out on ball bearings · Perforated top wall with hooks 20 hooks included   Specifications : Overall height: 140 cm Height to table top: 91 cm Worktop width: 114 cm Depth: 60 cm Wall height: 49 cm    

Verkfæraskápur NEO 84-221

68.990 kr.
 Tool locker
Product code
Number of drawers [pcs] 6
Weight [kg] 25
Working height [mm] 1030
Transport wheels  Yes
guarantee 25 years
Type Tool locker
Handle  Yes
Overall length [mm] 460
Destiny For tools
Width [mm] 680
Type Cabinet
Execution steel

Verkfæraskápur Omega FR4028 rauður

49.990 kr.
CHARACTERISTIC: Steel structure · Metal table top lined with non-slip mat. · Central lock with two keys closing all drawers. · 7 fully extendable drawers with ball bearings. Each drawer is lined with a foam mat. · 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels equipped with a brake All drawers can be closed - color: red

Verkfæraskápur Omega með 7 skúffum FR4028CC

59.990 kr.

Workshop cabinet with seven drawers

The equipment has spacious drawers where you can put tools and various components. The structure is made of solid steel materials to ensure maximum safety and durability. A workshop cabinet with seven drawers is used by professional mechanical workshops and people with private facilities who deal with DIY.   Technical data: Height - 79 cm Width - 69 cm Width without handle - 62 cm Depth - 33 cm Drawer dimensions: Width - 50 cm Depth - 29 cm Height:  >> Small drawer - 3 cm >> Large drawer - 7.5 cm